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The nylon membrane folding filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

about folding nylon membrane filter:
the nylon membrane folding microporous membrane filter is nylon and non-woven fabric or folding screen, both inside and outside support layer, fold cartridge filter shell & other; Center pole & throughout; End cover adopt polypropylene material, processing and shaping filter whole sealing adopts thermal fusion welding technology complete sealing, no leakage.

folding nylon membrane filter product features
and material nylon membrane filter, filter medium for filter rod end cover, shell, center, adopt polypropylene film of diversion and layer.
, folding structure filter layer, increase the carrying amount and flow, improve the service life, sealing the parts adopt thermal fusion welding technology without bonding agent, sealing form a complete whole.
, the filtering precision. μ m~. μ M
and advantages of membrane hydrophilic, uniform aperture, filtering effect is good; High strength, good chemical compatibility, applicability widely; Using thermal fusion welding technology without bonding agent, don't bring in any chemical contaminants.
application field of electronic industry: the terminal filtration of high pure water beverage industry, such as beer, juice filter pharmaceutical and health care industry: liquid filter type, such as outside diameter: mm, the length of the points,,,,, 'five, and filter interface has flat, insert, card in three forms.

folding nylon membrane filter product features:
& middot; Nylon membrane hydrophilic, do not need prewatering
& middot; Uniform pore size distribution, good filtering compatibility and practicality of widely
& middot; No fibers so as to meet the requirements of medicine and food industry
& middot; Beverage: pure water ` mineral water ` juice ` beer and liquor filtration
& middot; Industry: all kinds of solvent and liquid filtration
& middot; Electronic industry: the terminal filtration of high pure water ` distilled water

folding nylon membrane filter technology parameters:
& middot; : filtering precision. um . um . 嗯。
· Filter length: & throughout; ” ” ”
? Mm: outer diameter
& middot; Mm: inner diameter
& middot; Filter filter area:. m
· The highest operating temperature: oC
& middot; The maximum differential pressure:.
when Mpa ` oC & middot; Maximum pressure differential:. Mpa oC
· Maximum disinfection temperature: oC every half an hour to
nylon, an aperture. μ M, length & Prime; Type, silicone rubber ring seal single openings
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