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The ornamental fish pond water treatment system developed by our company

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Brocade carp is very noble ornamental fish, common in high-grade villas, and is also particularly high water quality requirements, due to very high ornamental, so a special higher price, a brocade carp even reached more than 20, for such a rare fish, to do a set of equipment is has certain risk, so a lot of water treatment company into this piece of 'cake'.
to the zhejiang market demand, our company organized a professional research and technical team, forge a equipment of high technology content, requires both practical and villa match, to be entertaining, zhang in our company under the leadership of general, we also study the other good company learning foreign experience and data access equipment, in the biological filtration, disinfection equipment finally successfully developed, and succeeded in some high-end villa.
when we visited the villa, their sales manager wang said, your equipment is good, design scientific and reasonable equipment, high-grade stainless steel material and compact appearance and villa is very matching, many customers came before the water treatment equipment, no interface. Circulating water after water treatment equipment, with pressure, water from out of the pool, 3 meters high position formed a fan of flowers, very beautiful, it is a beautiful scenery, already practical have very entertaining.
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