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The principle of sintering filter principle of quartz sand

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Sintered filter principle introduction sintering filter just as its name implies is to fill filter material has two or more mechanical filter is called sintered filter, the use of sintering on water treatment filter, common filter materials are: anthracite coal, clay, quartz sand, activated carbon, etc. Sintering filter filter size requirements in the design filter material generally lower filter material particle size, particle size is smaller than the upper filter materials are in place to ensure that the lower the effectiveness of the filter material and make full use of. Upper density is smaller, in order to keep the layered recovery after backwashing, if the upper density is small, so the upper after backwashing filter material sink to the lower level. In the two layers of filter bed, for example, the upper filter material particles, the largest density of small light filter material, such as anthracite coal, activated carbon; The lower filter material particle size is small, dense, generally for quartz sand; Form the upper plays a role of coarse filter filter material, small resistance, small head loss, lower function fine filtration filter material, cutting carrying capacity is strong, thus give full play to the role of the different filter medium, small head loss, namely filtering effect good characteristic.
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