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The processing of composite resin softening filter effect

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
With the improvement of people's living standard, people attaches great importance to the health care work, also gradually increase to the requirement of water quality, however, serious environmental damage and pollution makes water quality change and, in turn, affects people's health, which caused a series of vicious circle, the serious influence social progress and human health, small make up today's going to introduce the processing of composite resin softening filter effect. Composite resin softening filter which include: filter, filter body including hollow frame and PP filter layer by lined up outside introversion, hollow frame and PP filter layer formed between the cavity, the cavity filling resin adsorption layer. Hollow skeleton of the outer surface is covered with cloth filter layer, resin adsorption to soften the resin layer, a filter with end cover the ends of the cover body, end cover at the ends of the filter body with high temperature rubber seal is fixed, the dosage of the resin adsorption layer and the thickness of the filter layer is determined by the filtered fluid filtration requirements. Composite resin softening filter structure is compact, small size, light weight, double filtering effect is good, good filtering effect, filter layer is also called polypropylene melt-blown polypropylene filter layer, melt-blown filter composed of hot melt polypropylene superfine fiber coil, filter fiber intercept different particle size of the impurities in the air, soften the resin is a special resins, softening hard water by ion exchange technique makes the water hardness is less than 50 mg/L ( CaC03) 。
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