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The quality of the activated carbon filter identification method

by:Lvyuan      2021-02-02
Activated carbon has very strong adsorption capacity, so it is mainly used for purifying equipment, such as filter, industrial purification equipment and so on. Today I'll show you how to identify the quality of the activated carbon filter identification method. The larger the aperture, the more complex structure, the stronger adsorption ability, quality of filter element, the better, but when we buy, it is invisible to the naked eye, at this point, the larger the aperture, the weight of the activated carbon is the lighter ( Compared with the same size of the filter) , so the quality of the advanced activated carbon filter is relatively light. Element in the introduction, we talked about the three indicators, we can see filters on the three indicators, the higher the index, the stronger adsorption ability, the quality of the activated carbon filter is good. Can take some break a small filter, activated carbon, put it on the fire, then remove them, if black, that is the real activated carbon, if it is white hot, it is made of charcoal, the above hope can bring you help, if you want to learn more relevant content, advice to focus on this web site.
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