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The real water treatment filter equipment manufacturers

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Now a lot of online, all kinds of water treatment filter manufacturers, such as quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, many media filters, and so on all kinds of filter manufacturers, is a lot of agents, no real production workshop, just from others there wholesale filter, so the purchaser note that it is best to on-site inspection.
xing filter source environmental protection is a professional production of filter manufacturers, the company is located in the city of tonglu industrial function areas, under the hangzhou thousand highways phoenix sichuan saw 'provincial tonglu industrial zone' sign, turn left to 1 km. Logistics and convenient transportation. The shipment, we according to the order production. Company has its own fixed delivery room, covers an area of 5000 square, there are two driving, forklift, bending machines, welding machine, automatic submerged arc welding agent, rocker drilling, drilling machine, sawing machine, lathe, shearing machine, and so on production must be mechanical equipment, workers are trained, according to a certain law of production. The production of various carbon steel materials, stainless steel materials in water treatment equipment, gf is applied to all walks of life, has achieved good results, won a good reputation.
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