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The relevant departments to formulate prevention and control planning of groundwater pollution

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
Recently, the city groundwater contamination has aroused attaches great importance to the relevant departments, the ministry, the ministry and Ministry of Water Resources departments jointly take effective measures to crack down on illegal sewage and water treatment filter without direct emissions. Ministry of Water Resources are very concerned about water pollution incident.
it is reported that the National People's Congress, minister of water resources Chen lei said in an interview with our reporter, the plan has been developed for the prevention and control of groundwater pollution. At the same time, he said, on the Yangtze river upstream of the water conservancy development will also be planned. At present, the related department has formulated the relevant planning. He disclosed that recently the environmental protection department, the ministry of land and resources and the Ministry of Water Resources is increasing, take effective measures to go all out to combat illegal sewage, to protect groundwater resources, reassured the people drink pure water, the water, safe water.
in water treatment and environmental protection industry, our country also spent a lot of money, it is reported, compared with the '11th five-year plan' investment planning, overall growth of 14%, the 12th five-year investment amount is smooth, slightly lower market expectations. Investments are mainly concentrated in the field of pipe network construction, Make up 57% of the total amount of investment, , followed by the sewage treatment capacity of construction and reformation, recycling, again is derived pollutant sludge disposal, and monitoring facilities. Compared with the '11th five-year plan', upgrading, reuse, and sludge disposal investment demand is noteworthy, total about $80 billion market,
Chen lei, referring to the upper Yangtze river water conservancy development situation, said recently the State Council approved a energy development plan, is still in the planning stage. Yangtze river upstream hydropower development is related to the adjustment of energy structure, especially the use of renewable energy sources such as hydropower first, to do a good job in planning; Second, the scientific reasoning; Third, we should deal with good economic and social development as a whole, the relationship between hydropower development and ecological environment protection, achieve win-win.
the water resources is the important resource of human survival and development, environmental protection, scientific development, to achieve the sustainable development of the society as a whole, improve the environmental protection water treatment, enforce sewage discharging standard after filtering, the benefit of future generations.
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