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The role of the polyamide membrane in water purification

by:Lvyuan      2021-07-08

Polyamide membranes are now used in water purification equipment. They are not resistant against chlorine and can cause permanent damage under the action metal ions. Tap water, for example, contains metals. If activated carbon is ionic, it can damage membrane elements. A set of residual chlorinometers must be prepared. Calculation and estimation alone are not sufficient. Activated carbon should be tested in the event of its failure. This will prevent premature replacement from spoiling and membrane damage due to late replacement. It is easy and inexpensive to use the colorimeter. It can be used to measure coal washing from 30 kg up to 110 grams. It is important to increase the amount used. The amount of use should be increased from 100 to 300 kilograms. The electroplating wastewater can be either professional or ordinary industrial water. The average amount is not more than fifty kilograms. Pay attention to the service: (The number of applications for these occupations is the number waste water per thousand#). Small suspended solids may not be removed. The cationic PAM can be used as the sludge watering agent if the main body of a process uses the biochemical method to dewater the remaining sludge. Win customersn If the main body of water purification equipment uses physical and chemical methods such as loading magnetic separation, first-level strengthening, and loading magnetic separation, then it is usually added to the kilogram. Bleaching and dyeing wastewater, and papermaking wastewater can be difficult to treat with PAC conditioning. Then an anionic flocculant and then a cationic flocculant are added for dehydration. The exact dosage will depend on the quality of the sewage water. Guangzhou Lvyuan offers high-quality water filter cartridges and housings, as well as various types and stainless steel filter elements.
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