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The service life and advantages of the microporous filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-04-20
The chemical industry 3M PP filter element and the sintered filter element are compared with the microporous filter element. The ingredients are: 50-75% of diatomite, 8-20% of multifunctional healthy ceramic material, 5-10% of disappearing matter, and 5-10% of binder. 15%, soda ash 1.5-5%; calcined at 600-1300 ℃ after batching, mixing and molding. The microporous filter element is mainly used for fine filtration, antibacterial and activation treatment of drinking water. At the same time, it can remove heavy metal ions in water and fully remove residual chlorine, organic chemicals, color and odor in water. By using this pp filter element, mineralization can be obtained. , purification and activation of drinking water. Microporous filter element can be used in industries such as water purifiers, bottled water and water supply by quality, and can also be used in other occasions that have corresponding requirements for water quality supply. Microporous ceramic refers to a ceramic body containing a large number of open or closed tiny pores in the interior or surface of the ceramic, and its pore size is generally micron or submicron. It is a functional structural ceramic. Microporous ceramics have adsorption, gas permeability, corrosion resistance, environmental compatibility, biocompatibility, etc., and are widely used in the filtration of various liquids, gas filtration and immobilization of biological enzyme carriers and biologically adaptable carriers, especially It has been widely used in environmental engineering, such as industrial water, domestic water treatment, sewage purification and so on. The service life of the microporous filter element The normal brushing times of the microporous filter element is 20-28 times. The interior of the ceramic filter element is evenly coated with silver ions and antibacterial active ingredients, which has antibacterial and antiseptic effect, and can effectively remove bacteria, fine particles, and viruses in the water. It can be widely used in the purification of drinking water and mineral water, sterilization and medicine, sterile water in the electronics industry, disinfection water, preparation of high-purity water, chemical industry and other water-related industries. Generally, it can be used for 10-12 months, and a good ceramic filter element can be used for 3-5 years, or even longer.
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