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The service life of folded filter and its influencing factors

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25

the service life of the folded filter and its influencing factors of

folded filter is a filter commonly used in water treatment filter beforehand, it USES is the external pressure type filter principle, the impurities trapped in the surface of the filter, filter the liquid flow from the center of the filter, so when trapped by a certain amount of time, traffic will be smaller, then slowly blocked, you need to change. Before the small butterfly is to introduce a lot of knowledge of the folded filter, here no longer give us, today is said to fold the service life of filter element and the factors affecting the service life of the.
according to the normal use, under the condition of municipal tap water, can use commonly 3 - 6 months, said many clients buy less than a month of the filter is clogged, wonder if buy fake goods, if you in this case, first take a look at how you use condition, and then look at how do you usually use, and then rule out slowly, to see whether the quality problems, below I to simple analysis, the influencing factors of folded filter service life;
1, the water situation, also said that above is folded filter impurities trapped in the filter surface, when impurities accumulated to a certain amount on the surface of the block, so if the impurities of very much, and under the condition of grain diameter is larger, it stuck fast, to filter water, yellow water, must use time is shorter than filtering municipal tap water. If water quality is poorer, it is recommended that the precipitation in front of the coarse filter, filter with high precision.
2。 , use frequency, the associated with your use of time, the same situation, if you use eight hours a day, will surely make 24 hours a day than you want to use for a long time. So don't overload use, switch off water in time when not in use.
3, the quality of our products, this has something to do with each factory to do the product, if the manufacturers use inferior raw materials, service life and the effect will be bad for certain, imported brand relative to domestic is better.
above is for folding filter life and influence factors of simple introduction, if you want to know more information, welcome to consult!

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