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The structure and principle of hydrocyclone

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
The structure and principle of the hydrocyclone

upper hydrocyclone by a hollow cylinder, the lower a cylinder connected with the vertebral bodies, the composition of the hydrocyclone work cylinder. In addition, hydrocyclone and feed pipe, overflow, overflow pipe and grit.

hydrocyclone used sand pump ( Or the difference) At a certain pressure ( The general is 0. 5 ~ 2. 5 kg/cm) And the velocity of flow ( About 5 ~ 12 m/s) During the screwing in cylinder along the tangent direction, then the pulp is along the wall at the speed of fast rotation to generate centrifugal force. By centrifugal force and under the action of gravity, the coarser, the heavier particles thrown.
hydrocyclone in mineral processing industry is mainly used for grading, separation, enrichment and desliming. When the hydrocyclone is used as a grading equipment, mainly used to and grinding unit into grinding classification system; When used for desliming equipment, can be used for heavy cleaning plant desliming; When used as concentration dewatering equipment, can be used to deliver the tailing concentration after filling the underground mining tunnel.
hydrocyclone with no moving parts, simple structure. Production capacity of unit volume is larger, accounts for the area is small; Classification of high efficiency, Up to 80% ~ 90%) , grading granularity is fine; Low cost, less material consumption.
the application of liquid rotary separator:
because gas in the density difference between the solid liquid than the density difference between the small, under the certain tangential inlet velocity, the smaller the diameter of the cylinder is beneficial to increase the inertial centrifugal force, in order to improve the settling velocity, with
when conical part longer can increase the flow of the trip, the residence time in extending the suspending liquid in.
liquid rotary separator not only can be used in the suspension of enrichment, are more distinctive features in terms of classification, but also can be used to not miscibility separation of liquid, gas and liquid separation and heat transfer, mass transfer and spray operations, thus widely used in various industrial fields.
according to different enrichment or for grading purposes, the size ratio of liquid rotary points you'll also have the corresponding change, when liquid rotary separator design or selection, should according to the different requirements of technology, the technical indicators or synthetical balance economic indicators, to determine the optimal structure and the size of the equipment. For example, when used for grading size, usually process regulation, and used for enrichment, total yield or underflow concentration tends to regulations. Separation from the point of view, in a given capacity, choose a number of small diameter liquid rotary separator parallel operation, the effect is better than the use of a large diameter of liquid rotary separator is much better. Because of this, most manufacturers offer a set of different structure of liquid rotary separator, when using single stage operation, also can be in series operation, in order to obtain a higher separation efficiency.
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