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The structure of the activated carbon filter is introduced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Due to the existing air cleaner is a whole, once the dirty, can only be removed and replaced, but for some big air cleaner, use after a period of time, some parts are clean, some parts are dirty, but should be removed and replaced for health reasons, the increased cost, the small make up will take you to understand the structure of the activated carbon filter. Detachable air purifier framework for rectangular structure of activated carbon filter, the front of the frame has a cavity, there are many connected each other before and after the array lockhole, activated carbon and activated carbon filter consists of shell, mesh barrier layers. Removable type air purifier activated carbon filter is composed of several independent unit of the activated carbon filter, change the want to get off detected fault activated carbon filter can be replaced, easy installation and disassembly, convenient operation, reduces the use cost of air purifier. Removable activated carbon filter for rectangular frame structure, the front frame has a cavity, the cavity equally arranged several interlocking holes, embedded hole end face for hexagonal or rounded, embedded with activated carbon core hole.
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