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the truth about ge reverse osmosis water filters

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
GE reverse osmosis water filter is one of the best-selling filters of this type.
GE is a great product, but you need to know something before you go out and buy it.
Compared with other filtration equipment, GE reverse osmosis filter is a bit high in price range.
Most importantly, however, reverse osmosis is not the best filtration technology in itself.
Let\'s discuss it in detail.
If you are deciding which type of water filter to purchase, then I am sure you understand the needs of the home water filter.
But let me mention a few things just in case.
Now, we can find everything from pesticides to prescription drugs in the water.
A recent study of 29 US cities found pesticides in the water in all 29 cities!
People in Ralph Nader recently conducted a study on the water system in the United States and found that there are more than 2,000 known carcinogens in our water.
Our water treatment plant is out of date and cannot handle today\'s contaminants.
So, if you\'re thinking about the water filter all the time, then your idea is correct.
The only question is to decide which type to get.
GE reverse osmosis water filter is very popular.
They have also accumulated well in online and off-site reviewsline.
They are a bit expensive compared to similar systems using other technologies. A counter-
Top models cost about $250.
You can get the same or even better results with less than half the price as other filter systems.
The problem with the GE reverse osmosis filter is not specific.
First of all, the problem is the type of technology.
Reverse Osmosis works by putting pressure on the water to be filtered through the membrane.
Pure water passes and impurities are left behind.
This is the problem!
In fact, you don\'t want to filter everything out of your water for the purposes of human consumption.
Unfortunately, this is exactly what GE reverse osmosis water filters do.
Our water contains trace minerals that are naturally present.
Minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, according to the source of water, naturally there are different amounts in our water.
These minerals make our water taste, but more importantly, these minerals are needed by our body to maintain optimal health.
Potassium is the core of good heart function and calcium is used in many important chemical processes of our body.
If you drink enough salt water long enough, it can cause health problems.
However, this is the role of reverse osmosis.
It dehydrate water.
GE reverse osmosis water filter is no exception.
A better water filtration system will drain impurities while leaving minerals in the water.
This is usually done through a two-step process, one step to filter out organic impurities, and the other to filter out inorganic impurities.
If you want a reverse osmosis system then GE reverse osmosis filter is a good product.
However, if you are interested in your health, you should consider other options.
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