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the truth about reverse osmosis water filtering systems

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Let me provide a little bit of information before you continue looking for a reverse osmosis water dispenser.
The reverse osmosis water filtration system has many shortcomings, some of which are very relevant to the environmental health problems that our society is desperately healing.
If you are not in good health, yourself, you may not care much about the environment at this point.
This is understandable.
Many people looking for reverse osmosis water dispensers do this because they have health problems and worry about cyst contamination.
As the Environmental Protection Agency has suggested, the reverse osmosis water filtration system is not your only option. Multi-
The stage purifier with sub-micro filtration will remove the cyst and provide better protection for your health.
They did not discharge waste water into the environment.
They cost less than RO, even for more
Remove Chemical Contaminants more effectively than any reverse osmosis water dispenser.
Cysts are not the only contaminants that are harmful to your health.
Chlorine is not good for digestion and can cause diarrhea and prevent the absorption of beneficial nutrients.
In addition, when chlorine is used to kill bacteria, a by-product that causes cancer is released.
These by-products can be removed without a reverse osmosis filtration system.
Reverse osmosis water dispensers can remove harmful lead and copper, but can also remove trace minerals that are beneficial to digestion and overall health.
The ion exchange system removes lead and copper by exchanging ions as sodium and potassium, two of the most important electrolyte for maintaining hydration of organs and other parts of the body.
Drinking regularly from the reverse osmosis water filtration system is like drinking distilled water.
Studies have shown that people who drink distilled water regularly are more likely to suffer from undernutrition, which can lead to various health problems.
Like taking chlorine, distilled water is harmful to the digestive system, but the symptoms vary.
You will experience more heartburn and aggravate stomach acid reflux or GARD.
Keep in mind that drinking from a reverse osmosis water filtration system can cause the same health problems as drinking from a distillation purifier.
If you are not in good health, many of the drugs you take are at risk.
You want a purifier to protect your health.
Will not increase your risk and discomfort.
Reverse osmosis water dispensers are not the right choice for most families.
If you are not served by a public treatment facility and feel that you need a reverse osmosis system, please have a separate lab to test your water.
Not a lab sponsored by a company that sells purifiers.
Then find out what your choice is.
You can protect your family and environment at the same time.
You may find that the reverse osmosis water filtration system is not your best choice.
If you are served by a treatment facility, the reverse osmosis water dispenser is unnecessary, expensive and will increase the pressure on the environment.
Hopefully, I explained why.
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