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The unqualified built-in filter element seriously affects the practicability of water purification equipment

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-05
When buying direct drinking water equipment, it is necessary to regularly update the filter element in strict accordance with the time recommended in the manual, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution, which will not only fail to purify drinking water, but will be harmful to health. To prevent premature aging of direct drinking water equipment, it is necessary to regularly maintain and replace the filter element. The colony of bottled water is seriously exceeding the standard, and drinking water problems continue to occur. The arsenic in the water purifier exceeds the standard... The emergence of many problems has led to people's more serious dependence on purified water. With the improvement of living standards and the enhancement of people's awareness, water purifiers are generally favored by people as a water purifier for purifying living water. However, in reality, there are still many problems in operation. Many dealers and friends reported that users feel unreliable about the water purifier, and the machine frequently has problems. The reason lies in the core equipment of the water purifier - the filter element. The quality of the water purifier filter element material determines the result of the water purification treatment effect. The filter element is the core equipment of the water purifier. It's just that the price of granular activated carbon materials differs dozens of times, not to mention the difference between granular carbon and carbon fiber materials. Which factory does not want its products to be of high quality and low price, but between quality and price, it wants to seek long-term growth. There are three main types of water purification equipment. Different water purification equipment is composed of different filter elements. The focus of the water softener is the resin filter element, which can remove the hardness of the water, that is, the alkaline ions. It is mainly used for the production of bathing and laundry water. The resin filter element needs to be regenerated after a period of time, and it can be simply soaked in salt water. The special water softener has a salt pool, and the special salt is used to regenerate it automatically or manually, but it needs to generate a certain amount of waste water and electricity. The water purifier is generally composed of PP cotton and activated carbon filter elements. The direct drinking machine generally needs to use hollow fiber, OR membrane and KDF alloy filter elements on the bottom of the water purifier to achieve better treatment results. When consumers buy water purification equipment, they should not look at its name, but what filter element it uses. The water purifier runs through the connection and the filter element should be cleaned regularly. After the water purifier has been used for a period of time, many users who use the water purifier will encounter such problems. There is less and less clean water. Since the activated carbon and other adsorbent materials used in the filter element of the water purifier have a certain capacity, when the adsorbed harmful substances such as melting organics are saturated, they will no longer function. It is normal for the filter element of the water purifier to be blocked. When the filter element is blocked and the water output becomes smaller, the filter element should be replaced. Household replacement filters are based on water consumption, raw water quality and the selected model, and the replacement frequency for households is different. Families with better individual water quality need to replace or clean the filter element once every 3 months.
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