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The usage of activated carbon filter in the filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Activated carbon filter has significant except flavour, deodorant and chlorine reduction ability, water treatment plants treated with chlorine and chloramine, chloramine will produce carcinogenic by-products, of these by-products in your drinking water disinfectant, chemical smell, can remove the organic matter in the water, the taste or smell of water is not good, so you should use filter. Activated carbon filter through the adsorption removal of pollutants, and attach the particulate matter to water like a sponge, like a Velcro adsorption effect, particles will adhere to the surface, because the water and pollutants are very attractive compounds, organic compounds will be attached on the surface of the filter element. Activated carbon was used to remove the pollutants in the water, improve the taste and smell of food and drink, and activated carbon filter and all the water filter, to play the role of a stop drinking water pollution. Activated carbon filter porosity, large surface area, which can effectively reduce the odor and smell in the water and other particles, and unit of measurement is the micro hole, micron is smaller, the better the filtering effect, the lower the flow rate and pressure, pollutants stay or attached to the longer time on activated carbon.
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