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The use of activated carbon filter to the control point

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
A secure activated carbon filter including the filter tube, filter tube outer wall covered with protective sleeve, the inner wall of the filter tube with dechlorination channel, dechlorination channel top fixed connection with air inlet, dechlorination channel bottom connected to the outlet of fixed, dechlorination channel wall at one end with activated carbon layer. Activated carbon fixed adsorption layer, layer at the bottom of the adsorption layer of fixed with cotton reaction, adsorption layer between the outer wall and cover fixed solution tank, one end solution tank is equipped with inlet, the inlet end sealing plug welding, and chloride ions at the bottom of the absorption layer of absorbent cotton, fixed with diversion between chloride absorbent cotton plug. Activated carbon layer number is 9, activated carbon layer sandwiched between dechlorination channel wall above, activated carbon layer placed equidistant, guide in chlorine absorption cotton side lower part and guide number for 6, air inlet filter tube outer wall and the diameter of the same, the number of filter tube is 5 root, filter tube protective sleeve is fixed. Sealing plug relative to the inlet can be mobile, a liquid in the liquid tank for weak alkaline solution, water absorbing layer through a weak alkaline materials and reaction in the liquid box with cotton, absorbent layer sealing on the dechlorination channel, dechlorination channel for long cylinder structure.
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