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The use of microfiltration membrane in replacing PALL high flow water filter element with handle

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-10
Guangzhou Lvyuan's large flow water filter element with handle replaces the imported PALL high flow water filter element. This new type of high flow water filter element will have a microfiltration membrane. What is the purpose of this microfiltration membrane? The large flow filter element with handle replaces the microfiltration membrane function of the PALL high flow water filter element: At present, the microfiltration membrane (also known as microporous membrane, microporous membrane) MF is mainly used for sterilization filtration in the pharmaceutical industry and integrated circuits in the electronics industry. Purification and filtration of water, gas, and reagents used in production and terminal filtration of ultrapure water production. The application of MF technology in food production is entering industrialization. Urban sewage treatment, reverse osmosis membrane salt pretreatment and wastewater treatment are the two potential application markets of MF technology. The submerged membrane bioreactor with MF or UF membrane modules directly placed in the aeration tank to treat municipal wastewater or use MF and UF as the safe filtration of municipal wastewater biochemical treatment has been applied in many countries, and it has also started in my country. Research in this area. The microfiltration membrane generally has a relatively neat and uniform porous structure. It is the development of deep filtration, which makes the filtration transition from the relatively coarse relative nature to the precise absolute nature. Under the action of a large static pressure difference, particles smaller than the membrane pores may pass through the filter membrane, while particles larger than the membrane pores are completely trapped on the membrane surface, so that components of different sizes can be separated easily. The operating pressure is usually at 0.01~0.2MPa.
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