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The use of PP cotton filter purification purposes

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
In water purifier filter element, there is an indispensable element, PP cotton filter cheaper and more stable, it usually is a pioneer in the field of water purification, it is the filter element of polypropylene cotton, polypropylene filter material is non-toxic tasteless polypropylene granules, it is heated and melt, injection, stretching and forming, if raw material mainly polypropylene, can also be called the polypropylene melt injection filter. First, the chemical stability of polypropylene cotton is very good, it except by concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid erosion, does not react with other chemicals, as a result, it can resist acid, alkali, organic solvent and oil, and don't have to worry about the second time pollution. Secondly, in the process, PP cotton filter adhesive does not need to use other materials, on its own adhesive and winding, thus forming a variety of filter, without the risk of contamination by other raw materials. In the process of adhesive, has formed a large specific surface area, high porosity, the three-dimensional curved microporous structure, which makes the PP cotton filter can withstand more pollution, at the same time, it can make the water more quickly through without the need for additional booster, this also means that polypropylene cotton filter doesn't need power supply pressure. Multi-layer filter structure, each layer can capture and store the impurities in the water, the outer fiber thicker, the inner fiber is thin, outer loose, inner density, multi-layer gradient structure formation, multilayer structure will produce large amounts of pollutants, 80% of the impurities can be filtered water purifiers, completed in the polypropylene filter.
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