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The VAT rate of consumers and businesses double benefit

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
'April 1 will decrease the VAT, on May 1, will drop rate of social security, fully implemented. 'Premier li keqiang answered reporters' questions on the two sessions this year, said this year's tax cuts, the determined to make more JiangFei, cut down the VAT and unit contribution rate of social security, tax cuts JiangFei dividend nearly two trillion yuan.

now less than two weeks, from April 1 has tax JiangFei is imminent.

which firms would benefit?

a, manufacturing, small and micro enterprises is the key during the object! In 2019, the tax cuts will continue universality and structural simultaneously, the key benefit of enterprise is a manufacturing and small micro enterprise!

2, manufacturing industries such as tax rate from 16% to 13%. VAT reform will further deepen, the meeting has been clear about the manufacturing industries such as value-added tax rates from the current 16% to 13%!

3, transportation, construction and other industries from 10% to 9%. The VAT rate of transportation industry, construction and other industries will be reduced 1%, that is, from the original 10% to 9%.

4, production and consumer services expansion is worth! 6% a remain unchanged, but for production, increased consumer services some supporting measures, tax deduction for tax cuts side!

five, the tax rate will be three and two gears! In the VAT reform, three gears and two gears will be inevitable, believe in the near future can achieve!

at the same time, the tax system will be further simplified in 2019, all industries tax reduction does not increase only! On January 1, the implementation of the small micro enterprise tax cuts will be gradually implemented.

tax cuts, as for the development of enterprises is undoubtedly the major good news! Predictably, the enterprise in 2019 burden reduce unceasingly, improve vitality! Blessed are the enterprise in 2019!

what are the consumers will benefit from?

for example: the retail price of 100 yuan of a commodity in the market now, no tax price is 86. 21 yuan, according to 13% tax rate the retail price of 97. 42 yuan. VAT rate from 17% to 16% last year, some of the retail price of the filter element is fell.

there are concerns that the VAT rate drop, if seller does not reduce the price, people won't be able to enjoy tax cut dividends. In some businesses, such worries are unnecessary.

'of course, the value-added tax rates decline, the retailer may not reduce the price, also according to the original price to sell goods. But as a result of all the goods all applicable tax rate to 13%, other retailers may reduce the price. The same goods, others sell for 97. 42 yuan and you sell 100 yuan, has lost its price advantage in the market. So, after the lower value-added tax rates, as long as on the premise of full competition, commodity retail price sooner or later will be lower. '

the tax cuts, sustaining development and consider sustainability, is to reduce the burden of and arouse the vigour of the market major initiatives, and perfecting the tax system, and optimize the important reforms of the income distribution structure, the current and long-term stability of multiple effect.
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