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The water purification equipment application in food industry

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Quartz sand filter is commonly used water treatment equipment, and the use of natural quartz sand filter material, not only can filter the impurities such as sediment in the water, and filter material with natural substances, without any side effects to the body, so in the food, beverage and other industries applications broader range.
ningbo zhenhai a food units, used in producing different kinds of dried fruit, want to use the river to initial flushing of raw materials, used tap water, because water cost is high, so chose the river after purification of water for cleaning for raw materials, he is also a peer to introduce our company to know our customers, and then the phone salesman to communicate with us, according to their quality, the company technical personnel soon put out the water treatment scheme to give him, the precipitation + quartz sand filter is + 5 micron precision filter process, low cost, easy maintenance, the water reach the standard of tap water, the customer is very satisfied, but don't know how about the strength of our factory, so said he would visit to the factory, and see our factory scale and production capacity.
the next day, zheng always rushed to drive to our factory, he turned a circle in the factory, from time to time, ask this ask that, look at how we have a variety of mechanical filter for weld, internal anti-corrosion measures, surface polishing, he stood before a just good polishing quartz sand filter, his figure clear on the filter, kindness of say: filters work really good appearance polishing is very good, can do mirror. The next thing is not to say the, sign a contract directly. Ha ha, zheng is always short, immediately instructed the financial money, speed is fast enough, the junior partner in our company are stunned.
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