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The water treatment application of activated carbon filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
There are two kinds of activated carbon to remove contaminants in the mechanism of the first kind is called adsorption, don't get it confused with adsorption, another is called catalytic reduction, when you are with a paper towel to clear some spilled water, moisture is absorbed, and in the actual structure of the paper fibers, activated carbon is not going to happen this kind of situation, small make up today's going to introduce the water treatment application of activated carbon filter. Using active carbon adsorption principle, this principle is more like a piece of paper, chemicals because they don't need to stick on the surface of it, activated carbon can also attract those pesky organic compound, and because of its surface is bigger than the size of it, so it can repeat millions of times. Chloramine and leaching of lead from old pipeline and increase the amount of lead exposure, lead exposure affects children and their psychological development, especially more importantly, few research chloramine can affect people of any age of breathing, skin and digestive system. Water filtering tank in mesa, usually you will find that the activated carbon as a solution, when used to deal with the low volume, cold water, as long as you change the filter regularly, it can work well.
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