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MBR membrane

The water treatment equipment

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
The river due to the upstream drainage, water quality due to the weather, soil conditions and the influence of the upstream projects, water quality is not very stable, such as the river upstream storm weather conditions, water quality of sediment and other impurities, water quality, turbidity, suspended high.
the water processing general points purification and filtration and purification of water treatment, purification treatment mainly through of suspended solids in the river, sediment, and organic impurities such as processing, to achieve water standard, used for drinking, industrial cleaning water requirements is not high, generally USES the flocculation sedimentation, quartz sand filter, precision filter, disinfection treatment. Mainly adopts the reverse osmosis water treatment and purification equipment and nanofiltration equipment for processing, can meet the industrial requirements higher, such as textile printing and dyeing water, mechanical cleaning, chemical pharmaceutical ingredients, cleaning in electronics industry, food, water and so on.
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