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The water treatment equipment industry in our country three big problems urgently need to improve

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Comprehensive analysis of the current water treatment equipment industry in our country, there are still three big problem.
a, product standardization development lags behind.
in the standards of water treatment equipment management, for example, up to now has not established a complete scientific system of standards, standards is lagging, three parallel industry standard, the standard of environmental protection industry, industry standard of housing and urban-rural development, machinery industry standards are involved in water treatment equipment, but they have their own standard plan and technical institutions, there are some repeated development, standard application wrangling and chaos phenomenon such as standard management, the standard of a large number of technical data and index, directly or indirectly from the foreign standards, product samples, the lack of scientific and technological research, validation data lack of the experimental results.
2, products market access system is not sound.
due to the environmental protection industry in China started late, yet no matter in theory or in practice, has not yet established effective water treatment equipment management system, especially in water treatment equipment production enterprise scattered in various industrial departments of state and local, with no clear manage department, product market access system is not sound, jumbly industry threshold low lead to the entire industry, do not have company with a large number of existing production conditions. CCTV exposure was a sewage treatment plant in gansu province not long after formal operation, equipment appear quality problem, according to the original bidding information then find equipment production enterprise, enterprise has already can't find it, causing a waste of money and no pollution.
3, lack of product quality supervision.
due to the particularity of water treatment equipment, many manufacturers only machining parts, assembling finished products need to use the site to molding, product quality inspection institutions for WWW. 571年水。 Com energy-saving quality inspection must be conducted at the scene of the equipment used, but because of the function of each department division, pledges inspect bureau is just the good products quality, to use the product without supervision, and the local environmental protection department is to monitor the running effect of the whole project, the current engineering supervision does not include equipment supervision, also can say the quality of environmental protection equipment supervision basic or blank, not form a scientific and effective quality supervision system, water treatment equipment product quality supervision and management of long-term no clearly, the administrative department of the lack of effective management means.
although it also carry out the environmental protection product certification, but this kind of certification of voluntary, incentives have no rules, related enterprise certification enthusiasm is not high. Therefore, at present the main is to rely on market behavior to regulate the development of the industry, but the market mechanism of some aspects of our country is not standard, it offered opportunities for some enterprises take advantage of the loopholes in the regulatory WWW. 571年水。 Com energy conservation and environmental protection, unfair competition in the market and some parts of local protectionism is serious, affect the environmental protection investment benefit and the environmental protection product market disruption caused by obstruction of the fair competition between enterprises, seriously restricting the sustainable development of environmental protection industry.
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