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The water treatment industry chain business opportunities

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
1, the outlook for the industry driven by policy
as a recognized chaoyang industry, environmental protection industry in recent years gradually into the public eye. But the concept of environmental protection industry is a big industry, containing water treatment including pure water equipment, air treatment and recycling of solid waste management, environmental monitoring and environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and many other fields, is a cross industry, cross-regional, cross each other with other sectors of the economy, the mutual infiltration comprehensive emerging industries.
and other industry, water treatment industry is a semi-closed market, mainly dealing with the government, the government leading, policy guidance.
water treatment is a the most rapid development in the environmental protection industry, industrialization and most private capital into the industry. 'Unlike other industry, water treatment industry is a semi-closed market, the free market, mainly dealing with the government, government leading, policy guidance.
although since 2000, water treatment equipment industry has started to introduce private capital and venture capital, the BOT mode also begins to be applied in the industry, but 80% of the investment or in government hands. 'Twelfth five-year' period, the national, provincial environmental protection industry as focus on the development of strategic emerging industries, in recent years the government promote the policy of environmental protection a lot, in the urban environment governance, rural environment governance, sewage treatment, pollution control, water management, etc. , the government has invested a lot of money, to the pull of the industry is very large. For example, in 2011 the national environmental protection 'twelfth five-year' plan ', it puts forward a priority eight key project, environmental protection investment demand of 1. 5 trillion yuan.
2, water treatment, the whole industry chain operation into a trend of the industry's most advantage
now is to do the whole industrial chain, from the design institute to the integration of factory, if there are any government resources, can get a big project subcontract to other enterprises.
is the feature of the environmental protection industry, every project prophase invest a lot of manpower material resources, need to sales department follow up the project for a long time, spent a lot of resources on the government public relations, government relations, once the project done, again into another project preparation and tender. With luck, more than a year may be able to do several projects, if bad luck, maybe it is very poor harvest. Therefore, enterprises are mostly in the environmental protection industry sales revenue.
due to the enterprise, small scale, and lack of market system of fair competition, this leads to serious problems of homogeneity. Businesses generally little money to do research and development and upgrade technology; At the same time, the current situation of the domestic bidding has been the low price of bidding, whose price is the lowest, who use equipment and solutions, resulting in enterprise management in small profit, it is difficult to put up profits to do technology.
'water treatment equipment project is not only the government can contact, also need to pass design link, because a lot of projects need to design institute of project planning and design, first in the process of project how to technology and product design to the scheme, it is also crucial. 'Shao Kun bin said.
in fact, is the most advantage of environmental protection industry design institute, design institute, all manufacturers are looking for hope to design their own products and services to design in. Now is the most advantage of enterprise environmental protection industry to do the whole industry chain, from the design institute to the integration of the factory, if there are any government resources, can get a big project subcontract to other enterprises, finally realizes from planning and design, consulting, manufacturing, investment, operations, engineering, integration solutions.
professionals in the environmental protection industry says the '7 · 21' streets of torrential rains caused a river behind the key: China attaches great importance to the shaping of city appearance, only the construction of urban underground pipeline network of water treatment systems and the very lag. It is understood that the breakage of the Beijing underground drain rate was 65%, and the pipe is too small, still can't be developed countries especially the 'rain'.
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