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The winter solstice came to

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
The winter solstice, is one of the most important solar terms in a year, it indicates the sun be the spirit of germinal start, everything will wake up. In folk known as 'the winter solstice as big as a year', on this day, everyone to change clothes, sacrifice tai sui, gifts, each other in a peaceful and usher in the beginning of the New Year.

for the winter solstice, my company to arrange the employee make dumplings. Everybody cheerfully and facial skin, chop, flatten it out, making dumplings, employees are practical and you package dumplings elegant and chic.

in the laughter, plates of steaming dumplings, end on the table. Off-year in this family reunion festival, filter all the staff of the reunion together taste of his own work achievement. Not only feel happy, relaxed mood, also enhance the feelings between you, close to each other's heart, make you feel to filter the family harmony and warmth.
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