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The working principle and characteristics of reverse osmosis water treatment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Keywords: reverse osmosis water treatment

keyword description: working principle and advantages of reverse osmosis water treatment

working principle and advantages of reverse osmosis water treatment reverse osmosis technology is the most advanced and most energy efficient membrane separation technology. Its principle is above solution and the effect of osmotic pressure, on the basis of other material can't through a semipermeable membrane will leave to the material and water. As a result of the reverse osmosis membrane membrane pore size is very small, Only about 10 a) , so can effectively remove salt dissolved in water, colloid, microorganisms, organic matter (such as Removal rate is as high as 97 - 98%) 。 System has a good water quality, low consumption, no pollution, simple process, easy operation, etc. Reverse osmosis technology is usually used in seawater, brackish water of fresh water; Softening of water treatment; Wastewater treatment and purification of food, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, enrichment, separation and so on. In addition, reverse osmosis technology applied in advance except salt processing also achieved good results, to reduces the load of the ion exchange resin relaxed by more than 90%, the resin regeneration agent can also be reduced by 90%. As a result, not only save cost, but also conducive to environmental protection. Reverse osmosis technology can also be used to except the particles in the water, organic material, colloid, to reduce the pollution of ion exchange resin, prolong service life has a good effect. Reverse osmosis is the most widely used in the high pure water preparation a desalting technology, the scope of its detached object is the solution of ion and molecular weight of hundreds of organic compounds, reverse osmosis ( RO) , the ultrafiltration ( UF) , microporous membrane filter ( MF) And electrodialysis ( ED) Technology belong to the membrane separation technology. For nearly 30 years, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ultrafiltration and membrane filtration has entered the industrial application, developing very quickly, in the semiconductor, integrated circuit manufacturing technology, food, pharmaceutical industry, usually will reverse osmosis pure water preparation of as high desalination, while more of the ultrafiltration as a system of water system of post-processing, membrane filtration are used for pretreatment of water treatment and post-treatment, used to filter particles and bacteria.
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