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The working principle of activated carbon filter is introduced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Activated carbon filter has significant sense of taste, odor and chlorine reduction ability, water treatment plants to deal with water with chlorine and chloramine, chloramine will produce carcinogenic by-products, these in your drinking water disinfectant residues, with chemical taste, carbon to remove the organic compounds in the water, the water taste or smell bad, so the use of the filter element is necessary. Activated carbon filter through adsorption removal of pollutants, like a sponge absorbing particles into the water, the adsorption effect is like a piece of Velcro attached to the surface of the particles, because of the water and pollutants are attracted to each other very compounds, so organic compound adhesive on the surface of the carbon filter. Activated carbon filter is very porous and has a large surface area, making them effectively reduce bad taste, smell, and other particles in the water, the pore is a unit of measurement with micron, micron is smaller, the better the filtering effect, low velocity and low pressure make the pollutant has more time to stay or adhesion on the carbon. Today, carbon is used to remove the pollutants in the water, the better the taste and smell of food and drink, activated carbon filter, like all the water filter, as a barrier to capture material pollution of drinking water.
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