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The world again big, big but a plate of dumplings

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
The world again big, big but a plate of dumplings - — Filtering winter solstice remember

it is the winter solstice to one year, the world outside the window the bitter, north wind blows; Heaven and earth is indoor thermal attacks, feel happy. Filtering, don't forget for all employees at the winter solstice on a warm in the winter.

today, staff to pack the dumplings in the canteen. Female colleague ingenuity, package dumplings forms and don't have a taste. Male colleagues mocked for be in a hurry, also will holiday warmth show incisively and vividly. Together, the family warmth let the work staff smiling.

in the filter, such activities are held each year. Employees have long felt like people, together happy spend the beautiful holiday is already commonplace. In these trivial days, pass the filter between the real thing. Filtering leadership for care staff, from these details.

sometimes work the most important is a kind of mood, in this case, the filter has a good working condition. Together is fate, I hope we cherish the fate. In the young time, fighting together, struggle together, create the first brand filter industry! Finally, we also wish all the friends happy winter solstice, peers and customers a happy family!

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