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Titanium rod filter is introduced and the selection of technology

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
A, titanium rod filter is introduced
titanium rod filter is a kind of precise filter, titanium rod filter is a kind of metal filter, so the titanium rod filter has the common melt-blown filter, wire wound filter, folded filter that the corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, non-toxic, no particles fall off, not adsorption solution composition, long service life, Normal service life of the four to five years) , easy to clean and renewable characteristics; Titanium rod filter commonly used water, pure water, mineral water, terminal handling medical water treatment, we produce titanium rod filter shell 316 or 304 l stainless steel, high quality internal and external mirror polishing process, adopts the titanium rod, titanium rod filter belong to deep filter, not only in the form a layer on the surface of titanium rods have clearance dense filter, filtering effect, and particles can also be tightly attached to the channel of 'bridging phenomenon' is formed on the wall, intercepted titanium rod diameter smaller particles, improve the filtering accuracy.
2, titanium rod filter principle
when the filter medium, from inside the mouth into the liquid into the cartridge filter impurities are first interception, titanium rod surface in the form a layer on the surface of titanium rods have clearance of dense filter, the filter cake layer can also filter effect. And size particles smaller than titanium channel diameter rods into the titanium rod micro hole wall, because there are countless bending tube wall of pore channel, highly circuitous, channel bend slender, particles are easy to stop, after entering more caused by fluid flow through extrusion and collision, tightly attached to the hole wall, this kind of filter was conducted within the titanium rods, belong to the deep filtration. Impurities were intercepted on the inner wall of the external surface of the titanium rods and titanium rods, filtered clean material from the outlet flow out, the impurities in the filter cartridge is piling up, increasing pressure on the filter, when reached 0. 3 mpa, the titanium filter rods need of regeneration.
3, titanium rod filter product performance
corrosion resistant performance is good, the product is
organic compounds in organic/inorganic acid/alkali solution has excellent corrosion resistance in
durable high temperature, high temperature resistant up to 300 ° C
applied medium, and can be done in a variety of different media filter
good mechanical performance, strong light, long service life
high filtration efficiency, 95% ~ 99.
9% low working pressure difference: the initial rated fully pressure of 0. 03 mpa
4 main technical parameters, titanium rod filter
filtration precision: 0. 1-30 um filter efficiency:
> 99%
working pressure: less than 0. 6 mp
working temperature: no more than 300 oc
flow quantity: 0. 15 to 30 t/h
titanium rod specifications: Φ 60 * 510 Φ 60 * 60 * 300 Φ Φ 60 750 x 1000

5, titanium rod filter structure commonly used a tilting and down into the two kinds of structure:
( A) Tilting filters
this structure evolved from the traditional sand rod filter, barrel with support, castor can be mounted to the mast, mobile convenience, cylinder body is able to turn 180 degrees, make its discharge is convenient, convenient cleaning, avoid cross contamination.
( 2) New type of titanium rod filter
the new titanium rod filter, structurally changed traditional tilting, make filters remove don't have to remove the pipes in the process of installation, operation more convenient and quick cleaning.
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