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To visit shanxi LuAn group

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
On November 22, liu at the invitation of shanxi LuAn group to visit my company, and discuss the follow-up of about 2018 specific cooperation. Shanxi LuAn group is one of the five big coal enterprise group in shanxi, its predecessor was founded in January 1959 LuAn mining bureau, in August 2000, the overall restructuring of LuAn mining ( Group) Company, is the national important high quality steam coal and coal injection production base. In 2007, LuAn restructuring the original xinjiang hami coal ( Group) Set up the LuAn xinjiang coal chemical co. , LTD. ( Group) Co. , LTD. In 2010, LuAn reorganization of the key enterprises in Shanxi Province days ridge coal chemical industry group, become a trans-regional, cross-industry modern enterprise group. LuAn group in the '2016 China top 500 enterprises' ranks 89th.

henan filtering technology co. , LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of large flow folded filter, pp filter, filter, burning stone filter, replace the imported filter, swimming pool filter and other industrial water filter, my company has a professional design team, and perfect testing equipment, high quality and cost-effective products. Because of our high quality products, shanxi LuAn group didn't take a fancy to my company's products, the liu to go to my company shanxi LuAn group is mainly discuss the specific cooperation in 2018, after 2017 years of cooperation, both of us to know each other a lot of, shanxi LuAn group of our company's strength and the product is also more understanding, for my company's product pages more sure. In 2018 will increase my company large flow filter and pp folded filter purchasing. Is because there are more customers to our trust, we didn't have more confidence to the development of 2018 and drive. Come on, 2018!

henan filtering colleagues welcome customers all over the world to visit our factory.
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