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Torture 'vitamin water' true identity

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Don't know since when, supermarket beverage counter is a beverage product - — Vitamin water. English 'Vitaminwater' translated as 'vitamin', to flaunt their fashion, nutrition, health, filling water. Further investigation found that the food consumers site experts warned the public to pay attention to the new types of fructose contained vitamin water, the issue of the journal archives of internal medicine in the United States a study said, with sugar juice drinks is easy to cause human body weight, increase the risk of diabetes. The study found that more than two drinks per day or two with sugar juice drinks and drinking no more than a month, compared to 1 part sugar juice drink are in the former the risk of type 2 diabetes was 31% higher than the latter.
however, this is the broad masses of consumers as a health drink vitamin water, repeatedly questioned, netizens are calling, 'vitamin water' is a cup of sugar water. See from vitamin water ingredients, most of the chaff with white sand, fruit glucose OARS, vitamins and all kinds of food additives and water blending, and this kind of fruit nutrient drinks contain a mixture of pigment, artificial flavor, and a variety of food additives - - - Vitamin water,
the China agricultural college food nutrition and food safety department, state media said any meter, 100% pure fruit juice is made with fresh fruit squeezing separation, are not allowed to add any supplementary material, natural with fruit aroma, maximum limit retains the nutrition of fruit juice; Approximately 10% of pure fruit juice content in fruit drinks, there are higher, but the nutrition and health than fruit juice. In addition to a variety of fruit drinks, are generally water, essence and made a lot of artificial additives, almost does not contain fresh fruit juice, so there is no nutritional value, usually just taste good.
our obligation to call for water treatment company, the government should through proper policy, giving guidance to the public way of life, for those not high technical content, safety and quality nutrition, no unified standards of various additives and drink, the use of various pigment, sour agent, sweeteners, such as increased food safety hidden trouble.
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