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Transportation and storage of ion exchange resin

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Ion exchange resin is commonly used in water treatment, I summed up the below resin during transport and storage precautions:
ion exchange resin in long-term storage, or need to stop using the equipment stored for a long time, strong resin ( Strong acid and strong alkali resin) Should be converted into salt type, of weak type resin ( Weak acid and weak alkaline resin) To be converted into the corresponding hydrogen or free amine, also can be transformed into salt, to maintain the stability of the resin performance. Then soak in clean water. If stop using equipment should be the water, should be sealed, in case of resin moisture loss.
ion exchange resin containing certain moisture balance, in the storage and transportation should be moist, to prevent dehydration. Resin should be stored in indoor or add cover, environment temperature for 5 ° C - It is advisable to 40 ° C. Resin bags should avoid direct sunlight, away from the boiler, heater, such as heating device, to avoid dehydration.
if found resin for dehydration phenomenon, do not put in water, the resin directly to avoid dry resin sharply under the influence of water swelling and broken. Should be according to their degree of dehydration, with about 10% salt water slowly added to the resin, hours after soaking gradually diluted with clean water.
when the environment temperature in 0 ° C or below, in order to prevent the resin for internal water freezes cleft, should do well in heat preservation measures, or according to the temperature conditions, the resin in the corresponding concentration of salt water, to prevent freezing. If discover the resin has been frozen, should let its slow natural thaw, must not with mechanical force to resin.
long-term outage and placed in the exchanger resin, to prevent microbial ( Such as algae, bacteria, etc. ) Irreversible pollution of resin, resin should be thoroughly before stopping backwashing, to remove the accumulation of suspended matter in the runtime and pay attention to wash and change water on a regular basis. Or thorough backwashing after adopting the following measures:
1, Yin resin: resin with 3 times volume of 10% NaCl + 2% NaOH mixture through two resin layer, static soak for several hours at a time, then the row. If necessary, before the restart 2 times with resin volume of 0. 2% hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2) Solution leaching resin layer. :
2, Yang resin cation exchanger and piping in filling the 0. 5% formaldehyde solution, and to keep the concentration during the outage. Also can use salt water immersion. In front of the equipment to restart with 0. 2% hydrogen peroxide or 0. 5% formaldehyde solution leaching.
the above is my summarized, hope to be of service, such as the need to know progress, can be called the source water treatment equipment co. , LTD. Technical advice.
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