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two big disadvantages of reverse osmosis for home water filters

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Household reverse osmosis water filters have two major disadvantages.
In fact, they won\'t filter the water in a way that best benefits your health.
And they may not make your water taste as good as it should be.
Let me explain why.
Let\'s explore my first point.
Reverse osmosis water filters are not the best for optimal health.
What is the best filter water?
What does it contain?
In terms of health, does the purest water contain only two parts of hydrogen to one part of oxygen?
Or is there any other element that needs to be rendered?
In other words, will reverse osmosis make water safe to drink?
To answer this question, we can see what the natural pure water looks like.
After all, that\'s how we evolved to drink. (
Or designed for drinking. )
Naturally existing purified water not only contains \"H2O\" but also contains a large amount of trace minerals that our body needs to properly maintain its health.
Now, this is the problem of reverse osmosis.
When you filter the water with reverse osmosis, the water takes off the salt water.
That is to say, natural minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium are extracted from water.
It should be suspected that there are several reasons for removing salt water.
This goes back to the disadvantage of reverse osmosis.
First, there is no natural water source for mine removal on Earth.
Without these trace minerals, we have not evolved into drinking water.
Our body must have a small amount of these minerals.
Take calcium as an example.
Your body uses calcium in several important chemical processes.
In fact, if your body doesn\'t get the calcium it needs through your food and water, it actually absorbs it from its own bones!
One result of calcium deficiency in the body is osteoporosis.
In fact, hip fracture is one of the main causes of death in the elderly, and you can understand why it is so important to keep the amount of calcium healthy in the body.
The same is true of potassium, magnesium, and in fact, for all trace minerals common in water.
Some scientists believe that for a long time,
Drinking salt water for a long time can cause other health problems, including cancer.
For example, the World Health Organization states that \"drinking water should contain the lowest levels of essential minerals.
\"This is actually a major drawback of reverse osmosis ---
It leads to water that is not as healthy as it should be for you.
It can lead to water that is harmful to your health.
So, can reverse osmosis make water safe to drink?
Not necessarily!
Another big drawback is that the taste of salt water is flat.
Minerals give our water a unique taste.
When you take these minerals out, all you have left is a bland taste, unsatisfactory water.
How long do you think you will drink?
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