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Two hot: drinking water security problem

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Some NPC delegates to the national annual, points out that along with the accelerated process of industrialization, human residents drinking water safety is threatened. To ensure drinking water safety is the relationship between national economy and people's livelihood, relevant departments should be physically, from the transformation development ideas, perfecting the protection mechanism, scientific layout, water and other aspects, to speed up the water treatment engineering project implementation, to ensure that residents drinking water safety.
the National People's Congress, the committee, deputy director of the guangxi zhuang autonomous region committee Liu Qingning work more attention to environmental protection, he points out, especially some parts of resources in underdeveloped regions industry development idea is still prevalent, some energy-consuming, high pollution of the project to the horse, at the price of destroying the environment to obtain immediate interests, will be left to our offspring.
the National People's Congress, jiusan society, deputy director of the guangxi zhuang autonomous region, commissioner Lin numerous said that at present all over the rivers in the area under its jurisdiction to environmental monitoring, but driven by their respective interests, basin monitoring data is often not sharing, between upstream and downstream river basin ecological protection resistance.
the National People's Congress, from guangxi baise xilin horse clam township cadres at the grass-roots level Wu Guanglin said, as the improvement of living conditions, farmers for their living environment is more and more attention. He suggested that before on the project, relevant departments should do well in the eia work and so on; At the start of the production activities, the environmental protection department should do well the dynamic monitoring, prevent pollution, water pollution, the sewage treatment, do more harm than good.
in addition, some of the people's congress, said in the face of residential water security problems, hidden behind the 'driver' must cause all levels of government attaches great importance to.
because river basins often span multiple cities and provinces, ecological protection work is broad, establish the overall idea between upstream and downstream, positive cooperation in environmental monitoring, ecological protection. Now many of the city drinking water source is relatively single, once the pollution of drinking water, would have great influence on the production and living of the masses, city water source should also consider 'diversity' layout, try to reduce the influence degree.
areas in our country, but the per capita resources ownership is very low, take the path of the development of the energy-intensive, highly polluting is not an option, 'pollution also need to pay the cost, only passed on to future generations. 'He thought, the development of economy at the expense of the environment are not meant to live on, doing the investment promotion and capital introduction work, should not only consider economic benefit, also cannot ignore social benefits, reduce the burden of environment to the greatest extent.
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