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Two meetings to discuss hot: environmental and water resources

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
As we all know, water is indispensable to human development, natural resources is the material foundation to the survival of humans and all living things. In today's world, water resource shortage and pollution of water source crisis into any country in the policy, economy and technology facing the complex issues and the main reason for the development of social and economic development, with the gradual development of science, factory buildings gradually increased, more and more serious water shortage problem. With the destruction of the human, the original blue 'crystal ball' is no longer clear, no longer blue.
on March 6, 2012, in the fifth session of the 11th CPPCC national committee panel, ecological deterioration and water conservation problems caused of the CPPCC. One suggestion was brought up in the meeting, discuss. In today's water pollution is so serious, it is very urgent to protect water resources.
the core of the protection of water resources is based on the space-time distribution of water resources, the law of evolution, adjust and control the various water withdrawal of human behavior, and make the water resources system to maintain a state of virtuous circle, in order to achieve the sustainable utilization of water resources. Water conservation is not to restore or maintain the natural state, activities for the purpose of surface water and underground water but a positive, promote development and utilization of water resources is more reasonable and more scientific. The protection of water resources and water resources development and utilization is opposite method of water resources protection work should be through in each link with water. From a broader sense, the right to objectively survey and evaluation of water resources, reasonable planning and management of water resources, protection of water resources is an important means, because the work is the foundation of water resources protection. From the point of view of management, water resources protection is mainly for 'cutting expenditure', prevention and control of water pollution. It involves water resources on the one hand, economic and environmental balance and the coordinated development of problem, on the other hand also involved in all regions and departments, the interests of the collective and individual water allocation and adjustment. There existing engineering and technical problems, also have the problem of economics and sociology. At the same time, actively response to the masses, the common participation, in this regard, protection of water resources is also a social public welfare undertakings.
it is understood that countries will be on the basis of overall planning, comprehensive control, take practical steps to strengthen water saving and conservation. On the plan, change the way past simple project, water conservation, water resources optimization scheduling, water environmental protection, water treatment control project on the important position, speed up the construction and development. In the system, strengthen the functions of river basin management, actively promote the establishment of the city water department management system, provides the system safeguard for the scientific allocation of water resources.
the earth's water resources are not inexhaustible, an inexhaustible. Protection of water resources, the general mobilization of the whole society is required.
protection of water resources, starts from me.
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