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Type selection design of bag filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
In general, a lot of mechanical filter such as quartz sand filter, many media filters, activated carbon filter, and other mechanical filter, after filtration, precision filter or bag filter, plus a further processing the impurities in the water, accurate filter, due to the high cost of single flow, I would like to suggest that large flow with bag filter, because a single filter bag filter flow is big, clean water quality can reach 30 tons/hour. Below about bag filter design within the
in simple terms, water quality is poor, suspended solids, no quartz sand filter, many media filters, such as mechanical filter as pretreatment, I suggest that each of the 5 - filter bag design flow 10 tons/hour, so there will not be a frequent replacement of filter bag, frequent replacement of filter bag is very headache, turn off the system into the water will delay the processing efficiency. If the water quality and quartz sand filter, that is to say, 20 - design single filter bag 30 tons/hour.
many precision of filter bag, usually have 5 micron, 10 microns, 50 microns, 100 microns. The smaller the number, the greater the precision, the larger the aperture.
in bag filter selection must consider the water quality, suspended matter, when a viscous impurities, high precision like this, especially afraid of viscous material.
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