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Types and characteristics of water filter cartridge

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Keywords: water filter cartridge

keyword description: types and characteristics of water filter cartridge description

filter are divided into: water filter, air filter, oil filter, etc. Different classification. Water filter is divided into: coil type, folding type, melt burning type of high efficient active carbon filter, etc. , they have their own characteristics respectively and USES. Let's introduce water filter various types of features and use: a, winding profile quality structure: with polypropylene felt or non-woven fabric, polypropylene fiber silk, cotton wool, line, glass fiber winding on polypropylene skeleton or stainless steel skeleton, forming deep filter structure, control winding technology made into different precision filter; Performance characteristics: can effectively remove suspended solids in liquid, particle, etc. ; Can withstand high filtration pressure difference; Have higher residue in load capacity; Has the good compatibility; Has a unique deep filtering effect; Use: this product used in electroplating solution and electrolytic paint cycle precision filtration, pharmaceutical, oil and liquid chemicals, paint filter purification, food and beverage, pure water preparation and sewage treatment; Two fold, fold type polypropylene barrel-type filter for deep filter, filter used to satisfy the high flow, low pressure differentials in addition to the particle size of the impurities, chemical compatibility good, long life, all the components with polypropylene materials. Folded filter barrels containing polypropylene filter medium, filtration, nominal can range from 0. 1 micron to 10 microns, there are all kinds of standard specifications for use. Features: broad chemical compatibility; Using hot welding, thus avoid release of contaminated products; Filter medium grading, long service life, large flow; The filtration precision range is extensive; All components material through the sixth class plastic test standard of biological safety of the United States pharmacopoeia. Purpose: electronic industry: reverse osmosis, deionized water system and water system with the filter and filter, chemical filtration, photosensitive resist, electroplate liquid filtration, magnetic solution quality, and the filtration and purification process of fluid filtration; Pharmaceutical industry: medicine, biological and blood lipid, filtering chemical industry: organic solvent, ink filtering; Beverage industry: drinks and syrup filter electroplating industry: electrolyte fine filtering; Three, fuse burning characteristics: filtering accuracy and filtering efficiency is high, the filter aperture density, uniform; Filtering less resistance, large flow, filter, a large amount of sludge; Long service life. USES: widely used in drinking water, pure water manufacturing pretreatment, life cycle cooling water and laboratory water, boiler water, oil field water injection, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, pharmacy, electroplating, printing, paint, oil, electronics and other industries filtration; Specifications: 1, filter the inside diameter of ¢& 30 times; 65mm; 2, the length of the filter element ( mm) : 250, 500, 750, 1000; 3: the precision of the filter element ( Micron) : 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100. Four, efficient active carbon filter characteristics: integrating absorption, intercept, catalysis; Acid, alkali, salt and various organic solvents; Electrostatic tiny; According to their different characteristics and use, select the appropriate water filter cartridge; Guangzhou filter source water filter equipment co. , LTD. Is China's first development and production of water filter various types of products are: PP wire wound filter, PP folded filter, PP melt-blown filter, activated carbon filter, resin filter, big flow filter, and provide the matching equipment professional factories, was also the first three development line around the filter, and participate in the formulation of the chemical wire wound type filter core ( Water filter) One of the industry standard drafting unit. Sincerely look forward to cooperation with you!
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