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Under what environment will the high flow filter element be used?

by:Lvyuan      2022-02-09
Regarding the large flow filter element, many factors need to be considered in its use environment, and different factors will affect the use of the large flow filter element. Each part of the high-flow filter element adopts adhesive-free hot-melt welding technology, and the fusion seal constitutes a complete integrated component, which does not contain chemical contaminants. The product is subject to integrity inspection. It is suitable for filtration under higher viscosity, high temperature and strong pressure. The use environment of the high-flow filter element mainly includes six aspects: ① pre-filtration of reverse osmosis system; ② purification treatment of various process fluids, process water, condensate water, cooling water, and wastewater; ③ process water treatment in the food and beverage industry; ④ petrochemicals Filtration of various solvents, catalysts, brine, etc. in the industry; ⑤Filtration and purification of make-up water, condensate water, and stator cooling water in power plants; ⑥Medium, large, and super large projects. The use point of municipal water treatment for wastewater and sewage recycling in the industrial field of seawater desalination systems in the iron and steel and power industries.
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