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Use and maintenance of microporous PP pleated filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-04-21
Correct use and maintenance of microporous folds! 1. Open the plastic bag at one end of the folded filter element socket, check the O-ring or gasket, and place the filter element sealing port in the sealing groove correctly after cleaning. 2. Wet the O-ring or gasket with a process fluid such as water. 3. Protected by a plastic bag, hold the end of the filter element close to the socket, and firmly press the filter element into the positioning hole of the filter housing. 4. Remove the packaging plastic bag, cover the filter housing, and lock the filter locking bolts to avoid leakage of material liquid. 5. Open the vent valve at the top of the housing. 6. Slightly tear the inlet valve to allow the liquid to enter the housing. 7. Fill the housing with liquid until the liquid overflows from the vent valve, close the vent valve. 8. Slowly open the downstream outlet valve until fully open. 9. Slowly open the inlet valve fully. 10. Flush each 10' filter element with a flow rate of 25L/min for 5-10 minutes. 11. The pleated filter element should not be subjected to the impact of excessive flow, nor should it be pressurized in the opposite direction. 12. If the filter pressure difference is greater than 0.2 Mpa, or the flow rate drops significantly, it means that the filter element is blocked, loosen the lifting ring to hold the bolt, open the upper head of the filter, take out the filter element and wash the outer wall of the filter element with clean water below 0.2Mpa pressure, or use the filter below 0.2Mpa pressure. Dust-free high-pressure air is blown back from the outlet of the filter element. 13. If the pleated filter element is not in operation for the time being, they should not be dried, but should be stored in the filter housing, which is filled with purified water or water containing antibacterial agents ( For example, less than 10ppm of sodium hypochlorite or 2% hydrogen peroxide solution), rinse well before reuse.
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