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using a pool filter cartridge

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The filtration system keeps the pool clean by capturing dirt, debris and other unwanted particles or substances.
There are three general categories of pool filters and all three types can clean your pool.
Selection in these three filtering systems depends on certain considerations such as cost, ease of maintenance, location, and other personal preferences.
A pool filter is usually selected by a general homeowner.
Compared to sand filter and more expensive diatom soil (DE)
Filter, pool filter cartridge is economical and considered lowmaintenance.
When the water passes through the pool filter cartridge, the particles are captured by a fine screening surface.
This filter captures particles and unwanted substances in your pool.
These are kept in the filter system before the filter system needs to be maintained clean or replaced.
The filter cartridge filter can cover a larger area than the sand filter.
This means that the blockage is longer and the frequency of maintenance is much lower.
Unlike sand filters that require high pressure to allow water to pass through, the cartridge can do the job under lower water pressure.
This leads to a longer life cycle of your pool pump and better water flow throughout the pool system.
In terms of the granularity that can be filtered, the pool filter cartridge can capture particles between 5 and 10 microns.
It\'s just half the size that a sand filter can capture and hold.
The silica soil filter can capture the best particle size, but this can be achieved by adding a pool filter cartridge with preservatives or flocking agents.
These substances can connect small particles to form larger particles. Being low-cost and low-
The maintenance of the pool filter cartridge has become a popular choice for homeowners.
Cleaning or maintenance work is done at least twice a season, or up to three times.
For sand filters, you have to rinse every few weeks when the flow of water is significantly reduced.
Backwashing can be a labor-intensive job and the pool owner will find it very inconvenient.
It takes only three simple steps to clean the tank cartridge.
The first step is to rinse the cartridge with a normal garden hose to remove loose dirt and debris.
After rinsing, soak the filter cartridge in the filter cleaning solution.
Finally, rinse the cartridge to remove the residual cleaning fluid and other debris from the filter.
It is important not to apply too much water pressure on the cartridge as it will only press dirt and debris deeper.
When the water in the pool needs to be cleaned for a longer period of time, the pool filter needs to be replaced.
At this point, the water is hardly filtered, which may mean that the filter housing is already blocked.
Using a water pressure gauge will also help you determine if you should replace a disposable part of the pool filter cartridge.
The significant loss of outlet pressure of the pool pump means that it is difficult for water to flow through the filter housing.
For filter systems with low prices and low maintenance costs, ink cartridges may be your logical choice.
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