Lvyuan Industrial Filtration Solution

航油供应, UT series

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Self-cleaning screen filter maximum working pressure: 1. 6 MPa; 2. Fully automatic self-cleaning function: vertical self-cleaning filter is to use the system's own water supply, through the internal pressure difference to clean the filter, without any external energy; When the whole system of continuous water supply: the reverse water supply uninterrupted. Backwash water consumption is tiny, is filtered water yield of 1%; Filtration precision accurate: filtration precision can be in 30 & mu; ~ 3000亩; M to choose; Self-cleaning screen filter pressure loss small: because the filter area is greater than other types of filters, so the pressure loss is relatively small; Backwash reliable: a variety of control mode, manual, differential pressure, time, PLC control and so on; Installation simple: economic structure forms, suitable for the installation of various site conditions, simple maintenance and reliable running. Minimum working pressure: 0. The highest working pressure: 1. PVC matrix composite stainless steel wire mesh automatic cleaning filter and maintenance of equipment safety operation introduction 1. In filter before the installation, operation, please read the installation instructions. 2. Before maintenance, please put out all water in the filter. 。 3. In ascension, transport or installed filters, please make preventive measures. 4. Filter must be fixed in order to avoid water injection to filter on other parts, especially the electronic control unit. 5. To ensure that the total weight filter conform to the requirements of the scaffold structure. 6. Before installation, please make sure the line pressure in line with the filter of work pressure. 7. When installation, please use the standard fittings and flanges. 8. Make sure that all the filter flange bolt has moderate tightening. 9. Maintenance of the filter, please use the original accessories. Web site
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