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Uv sterilizer, Disinfection equipment)

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
One, the working principle of the uv sterilizer:
uv sterilizer is also known as over current uv sterilizer, uv sterilizer, mainly through ultraviolet sterilization lamp uv light, ultraviolet ray is a kind of naked eye cannot see the light, depending on the wavelength can be subdivided UVA ( 315 ~ 400海里) UVB( 280 ~ 315海里) UVC( 200 ~ 280海里) 。 UVC most easily by DNA ( Ribonucleic acid) Absorption, uv disinfection system is to use the UVC. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment integrating optics, microbiology, machinery, chemicals, electronics, fluid mechanics, such as integrated disciplines. Uv sterilizer with special design of high efficiency, high strength and long service life of ultraviolet light C generator produces strong ultraviolet light C water. When the organisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae in the water by uv sterilizer dose of ultraviolet light (C Scale of 253. 7海里) After irradiation, the cell's DNA, RNA structure was damaged, cell regeneration, so as to achieve the aim of water disinfection and purification. Ultraviolet sterilization equipment wavelength of 185 nm spectral line in the air to produce ozone, ultraviolet sterilization equipment and can have the effect of sterilization, in addition to taste. 185 nm ultraviolet sterilization equipment line can decompose the organic molecules in the water, ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment generate hydrogen base free radicals and eventually to the organic molecules in the water oxidation of carbon dioxide, thereby to ultraviolet sterilization equipment is in addition to the purpose of TOC.

2, ultraviolet radiation sterilization advantages to, ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment with special design of high efficiency, high strength and long service life of ultraviolet sterilization device to produce strong ultraviolet C ( UVC) Light water, when the organisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae in the water by ultraviolet sterilization equipment dose UVC ( Wavelength of 254 nm) After irradiation, the cell's DNA, RNA structure could not be again, bacteria and viruses lose self-replicating ability, so as to achieve the aim of water disinfection and purification. The uv sterilizer can be applied in all kinds of sewage, water supply, water, surface water, pure water, clean water, landscape water, swimming pool water and sea water, etc. All kinds of water quality and air sterilization. Ultraviolet sterilizing instruments have spectrum quick sterilization, sterilization, sterilization, high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, no secondary pollution, low operation maintenance of freight, cover an area of an area small, etc.
the three advantages of domestic water, uv sterilizer:
___________ health: in addition to the high quality pipe in the water all inorganic and organic harmful substances in water, CJ94 - completely conform to the ministry of construction 1999 7 k quality standards, at the same time, there is no secondary pollution, so is the health.
2. New: because the pipeline direct drinking water system USES a special way of water supply, water in pipes in a circular motion, even if the user need not a drop of water, pipe after a period of time, the water purification and flow back water purification station, reprocessing and then send to the user, so. User access to drinking water from the tap is absolutely factory on the day of fresh water, it is not like bottled water, from the producer to the user typically take 5 - after use 20 days.
3. Convenient: high grade pipeline direct drinking is through specialized high quality drinking water pipes to the users in the home, the user just turned on a tap in the drinking water can drink clean water, use very convenient, at the same time, the high quality pipe straight drinking water systems generally there is no automatic meter reading device, the fee is very convenient.
4, uv sterilizer equipment installation and debugging matters needing attention:
1, should be installed ( It is forbidden to vertical installation) 。
2, cylinder under external pressure is not allowed. Uv sterilizer working principle is to use the wavelength of 225 nm - 275 nm uv effect of killing microorganisms to purify the water. When the water flow through the sterilizer after uv irradiation, the bacteria in the water is killed.
3, shall be installed in the outlet water tower, if large water volume, high water pressure or when the pipe is too long to install, in the water dry (close to the user A) Pipe is preferred.
4, extending outward from the ends of the sterilizer, should have 1 meter or more and acuity 0 respectively. 4 meters of space, so that the replacement bulbs, before the control panel should be 0. 6 meters of barrier-free space, in order to repair.
5, whether to choose one or more uv sterilizer in parallel, in and out of the water or bypass valve installation, in order to repair.
6, should be the choice of reasonable installation location, pay attention to the electric control part of the waterproof, moistureproof.
7, should press plate identification of voltage, power selection, power socket, wire or wiring board connection.
8, quartz glass tube, and uv lamp are fragile and valuable in the transportation, installation, use should avoid knock against.
uv sterilizer sterilization, not only in water treatment system and can destroy bacteria from the atmosphere, and because he does not produce secondary pollution, don't need agent, so they are widely used uv sterilizer.
5, selection of uv sterilizer

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