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UV ultraviolet sterilizer

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Introduce a, uv sterilizer
uv sterilizer is also known as uv sterilizer, uv water purification, water treatment equipment, uv ultraviolet water purifiers, ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment, uv sterilizer, etc, there are two main types of classification of uv sterilizer, one kind is: cavity postures uv sterilizer and over current uv sterilizer, pipeline uv sterilizer, the other is a type of open channel uv sterilizer and frame type uv sterilizer.
our company is the uv sterilizer manufacturers, production of uv sterilizer accessories include: uv germicidal lamp, when tired, ballast, quartz tube, sealing ring, ptfe compression ring, switch, indicator light and uv lamp socket etc.
2, the working principle of the uv sterilizer
uv sterilizer is after 30 years of research and development in the world in the late ninety s gradually industrial water disinfection with the latest technology. Peak wavelength ultraviolet disinfection application of 225 ~ 275 nm 254 nm ultraviolet spectrum to destroy the nucleic acid of body ( DNA and RNA) To prevent them from protein synthesis and cell division, finally can't copy, not the original body heredity and ultimately death. Uv sterilizer can disinfect fresh water, sea water, sewage, and have all kinds of high-risk of circulating wastewater. Uv sterilizer is disinfection efficiency is highest in the world, the most widely application field, the lowest operating cost of high-tech water disinfection products.
3, uv sterilizer product features
(1) uv sterilizer all stainless steel shell corrosion resistance, long service life.
2. Ultraviolet sterilization belongs to the physical methods, will not cause secondary pollution in the water body and the surrounding environment.
3. Ultraviolet (uv) high output power, sterilization ability;
4. Quartz tube high light transmittance, energy loss is small;
5. Uv sterilizer equipment is small in size, beautiful appearance, convenient and flexible installation;
6 standard uv sterilizer: without cleaning device, 3 ~ 6 months the quartz sleeve must be removed manually cleaning;
4, the structure of the uv sterilizer
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