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Vice minister of water resources in water treatment center platform

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Water treatment center is a famous enterprise and even the whole country, in the water treatment equipment design, seawater desalination, has rich experience on pure water equipment design, my actual operation ability, on October 13 to 15, 2011 China water exposition and China international membrane and water treatment technology and equipment exhibition held at the national conference center together for the first time, water processing center to attend this exhibition.
vice minister of water resources hu designation, after the opening ceremony booth in water treatment center, hu minister a thorough knowledge of the historical evolution in the center of the understanding, in front of the center staff ask: 'you originally belongs to the State Oceanic Administration institutions. There are north and south two desalination laboratory in our country, as the south laboratory, now is what property you center? 'Center staff is introduced:' we now belong to the nature of enterprise, to enter the Chinese chemical group. 'Later, the center staff to introduce hu minister has just completed 50000 tons of caofeidian membrane desalination project, nodding hu minister said:' I know this project. Compared with foreign technology, the level of Chinese enterprises? 'Center staff said:' there are part of the film, pumps and energy recovery device adopts the foreign products, but we also in research and development, already has a certain progress. 'When introduce the desalination of the liaoning province red river nuclear power project, hu minister said:' I know this project, I have been to the site of the project. '
hu minister on a comprehensive understanding of membrane technology in the booth, as well as the detailed problems, make people feel state ministries to the film industry is more and more attention, also let us more bullish on the development of film industry.
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