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Warm congratulations on the official launch of the State Council 'water pollution prevention plan of action'

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Filter the source water treatment equipment co. , LTD. Congratulations: the State Council released 'water pollution prevention plan of action' ( Article 10 of 'water') 。 This is a time of water pollution prevention and control work throughout the country in the present and the future of the guide to action.
action plan, by 2020, the national water environment quality has been improved to periodically, polluted water is greatly reduced, the safety of drinking water security levels continue to improve, get strict control of groundwater, groundwater pollution is increasing trend got preliminary control, order in the nearshore environmental quality stability, beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta area of water, such as health improved the ecological environment. By 2030, the overall improvement, strive for the national water environment quality of water ecosystem function recovery. By the middle of this century, the ecological environment quality comprehensive improvement, ecological system realize the virtuous circle.
main indicators are: by 2020, the Yangtze river, Yellow River, pearl river, the songhua river, huaihe river, haihe river, liaohe river such as water quality good, Achieve or exceed III class) Proportion of total more than 70%, above ground level and city proper black smelly water bodies are controlled within 10%, above ground level and urban centralized drinking water sources reach or exceed class III water quality overall is higher than 93%, the proportion of the national groundwater quality is poor control at about 15%, nearshore sea water quality is good, A, 2) Proportion about 70%. Loss of beijing-tianjin-hebei region use function, Inferior to V class) Water cross section was down about 15%, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta area to eliminate the loss of function of water body. By 2030, the seven key river water quality excellent overall reached 75% above, overall city proper black smelly water get eliminated, urban centralized drinking water sources reach or exceed the 95% overall class III water quality.
to achieve these goals, a plan of action to determine the ten measures:
it is a comprehensive control of pollutant discharge. For industry, urban life, agriculture and rural areas and port and ship pollution source, puts forward the corresponding measures to reduce emissions.
2 it is to promote the transformation and upgrading of economic structure. Speed up eliminating backward production capacity, reasonable layout, structure and scale of industrial development, industrial water, reclaimed water and seawater desalination development cycle.
3 it is to focus on protection of water resources saving. Implement the most stringent water management system, to control the total quantity of the water, improve water use efficiency, strengthen the water dispatching, guarantee the important river ecological flow.
4 it is to strengthen science and technology support. Popularizing the use of advanced technology, strengthen the basic research and forward-looking technology research and development, standardize environmental protection industry market, speed up the development of environmental services.
5 is fully give play to the role of market mechanism. To speed up the water price reform, perfect the charge policy, improve the tax policy, promote the diversified investment, establishing incentive mechanism for water environment management.
six is strict environmental law enforcement supervision. Severely punish all kinds of environmental violations and illegal construction, strengthen the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice cohesion, improve the water environment monitoring network.
seven is to strengthen the management of water environment. Strengthen environmental governance objectives management, deepen the pollutant total amount control system, strict control of all kinds of environmental risk, fully implementing tradable permits.
eight is to fully to ensure the safety of water ecological environment. To ensure the safety of drinking water sources, scientific prevention and control of groundwater pollution, deepen the key river basin water pollution prevention, strengthen the good water, and Marine environmental protection. Regulation black smelly water city, municipality directly under the central government, provincial capitals, cities under separate state planning in established basically eliminated black smelly water before at the end of 2017.
9 is clear and implement the responsibilities for all parties. Strengthening local government responsibility to protect water environment, units main body responsibility, implement the national basin, points area, the sea year after year the inspection plan, supervise the fulfillment of the responsibilities in place.
10 is to strengthen public participation and social supervision. Worst countries regularly publish quality, a list of the best 10 cities and provinces ( Autonomous regions and municipalities) The situation of water environment. Strengthen social supervision, to build a national action pattern.
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