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Water cartridge filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

water cartridge filter

water cartridge filter introduction:
there are many kinds of such as: water cartridge filter melt-blown cartridge, wire wound filter, big fat filter
flow filter and so on. These water cartridge filter is widely used in water treatment industry
such as: used for people's livelihood drinking water filtration RO reverse osmosis filtration,
in the chemical process of acid and alkali liquid filtration and chemical raw materials, organic solution filter, etc.

water cartridge filter parameters:

melt-blown cartridge filter material: polypropylene
wire wound cartridge filter material: pp line, degreased cotton
melt-blown filter skeleton: pp frame or frameless
wire wound filter skeleton: pp skeleton or stainless steel skeleton
length: inches and inches, inches and inches

other products: guangzhou filter source water filter co. , LTD.
inch wire wound filter coalescence filter

CCRPP cartridge filter water
pp line pp skeleton line around the filter element
Y type filter DN
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