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by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Natural water is rare today due to industrial pollution.The tap water we drink contains a variety of contaminants and additives.Some countries have high levels of poison and violate international standards.
Can you make sure you are suitable for consumption?It is often found that water sources other than tap water, such as wells, reservoirs, lakes and rivers, are not suitable for direct drinking.Unlike tap water, it causes disease immediately.The quality of the water you drink every day makes a vital contribution to your health, fitness and life expectancy.
Environmental pollutants bring more and more problems to water treatment plants.Every day, they try to remove up to 800 different chemicals, from estrogen to rust.They often fail. Is there anything strange about this?Treatment Technology has taken a huge step in the past 30 years, but it didn\'t reach the U.
coast until recently.
Filtration is only the first step before absorbing water.There are various devices on the market to filter bacteria.These devices are simple to install and are relatively cheap, covering the basic functions of filtration.
The carbon in the water filter charcoal is a kind of extraction from the coconut shell.It absorbs impurities when water passes through.This form of filter may include 95% of the filter used in China.
They are simple to install, relatively economical, and will filter out the most lethal contaminants, cryptospores and Guardia, depending on the micron level.A normal charcoal filter will last for a family of 6-9 months.There are also various forms of these filters, such as carbon blocks.
This is the best filter form, but the flow rate is much slower than loose charcoal.It is a form of curing of honey comb carbon.The other is Active Silver-dipped charcoal.
Sometimes referred to as Chlorgon, this increases the ability of chloramine exclusion and bacterial killing for basic carbon, and the third is the micron level.The carbon filter cannot change the pH balance of the water.If you have acidic water, you will still have acidic water because the minerals that cause the acidity will dissolve and will therefore pass through the carbon filter.
Water Distillers and ceramic water filters are also a stopgap, which is a filter cartridge suitable for ordinary table filters.But the flow rate of ceramic water filters is slow.There is also a very convenient water filter, reverse osmosis systemOriginally developed to process water on a submarine;The reverse osmosis process is basically to get water through a very fine membrane.
This film is like a very fine filter that produces drinkable water from salty or contaminated water.The contaminated water is placed on one side of the membrane, applied pressure to stop the infiltration process, and then reverse the infiltration process.It usually requires a lot of pressure and is slow, but it works.
The result is very fine filtered water.
Some other systems, such as the UV radiation systemUse high radiant water through glass elements.Now, there are different styles and sizes of water filters on the market, so use the best equipment that matches your budget.Make sure you don\'t die from drinking tap water, which is a problem with the quality of your life.
Health is indeed the best form of wealth.
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