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water filter cartridge - why it is the most important part in your water purification unit

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The most important part of the household water purification system is the filter cartridge.
You may think the mechanism of the system is more important, but I think the mechanism or part of the unit can be repaired or replaced, but you don\'t know if the cartridge is defective, when you think you drink safe water, you may drink contaminated water.
Or another idea is that if you buy a water purification system because you think the cartridge is a cartridge that removes all the dangerous contaminants in the water, the cartridge only has the technology to remove some toxic chemicals in our water supply system, you will be very disappointed if you find that you bought the wrong device.
There are many units on the market that do not remove the dirt from our water.
Take the reverse osmosis system as an example.
Unless the reverse osmosis system has an additional filter in combination with the membrane used for the reverse osmosis process, you can only remove the minerals in the water.
There is a dispute about leaving the mineral in or taking it out of the water.
In fact, I think these minerals are good for us, so I don\'t want to take them out.
Taking the minerals out will change the water from alkaline to acidic, causing our body to pull the minerals out of the teeth and bones to compensate for the minerals that are not in the water.
In addition, the more acidic products we put into the body, the more free radicals our body produces.
Free radicals are associated with cancer because cancer cells grow in an acidic environment.
I don\'t know about you, but if drinking water with natural minerals helps protect me from cancer in my body, I want this water.
So leave the reverse osmosis system in the store.
In any case, they are not conducive to the removal of other hazardous chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, whose molecules are smaller than water.
If there is only one water filter for a unit, you can make sure that it does not filter out everything that needs to be filtered out.
You need more than one medium to filter all kinds of contaminants in our water.
Granular activated carbon filters out many contaminants, such as chlorine, but many dangerous chemicals pass through the filter even if carbon filters are used.
The best water purification equipment to purchase is a device with carbon filters, sub-micron filters, multi-block filters and ion exchange for the filtration of heavy metals such as lead.
The combination of all these filters makes the best cartridge technology on the market today.
So don\'t delay, check online today to see if there is a water purification device that will protect you and your family from all the risk factors in our water supply system.
Don\'t be fooled for a minute and think that something that comes out directly from the tap without filtering is free of pollution.
Believe me when I say no.
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