water filter manufacturer
water filter manufacturer

10+ Years SS Water Filter Housing Manufacturing Experience

There are durable quality stainless steel water filter housing in Luyuan factory. They are made of SS304 or SS316L material, can effectively remove particles of different sizes (10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch, 40 inch etc) in liquid with large flow, small filtration resistance and high filtration efficency.


Here are the advantages of filter cartridges:

1. ISO9001 and SGS certified.

2. A totally enclosed system that eliminates edge leakage,external contamination.

3. An advanced sanitary design constructed of polished 316L stainless steel that provides maximum corrosion resistance and limits microbial and particulate adhesion of wetted surface.

4. Housing seal with fast action swing bolts or clamps ,permitting rapid assembly and cartridge change-outs ,minimizing downtime and ensuring operator safety.

5. Available as complete sanitary systems including pipes ,valves ,pressure gauges and skid-mounted mobile systems

6. Free custom service for size, logo steel seal,gram weight, type etc.

Lvyuan Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Lvyuan stainless steel water filter housing widely used in chemical and medicine industry, water treatment, microelectronics, power plants, textile dyes, papermaking, paint and ink, food and beverage, petroleum products, electroplating, hot solvent, emulsion, ultrasonic cleaning machine,high pressure cleaning machine, cosmetics, as pre filter or final filter etc.They are 100% strict quality control, durable, factory price.



Bolt Type Bag Filter Housing

Duplex Bag Filter Housing

duel stainless filter housing

Recessed Bag Filter

Quick Open Bag Filter Housing

Quick Open Bag Filter Housing
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